Fortuna Court

Fortuna Court is Chef Dong's brother restaurant who has been a proud player in the Cantonese cuisine arean for decades.

The Location is well choesn, at the eastern end of The Parade in Norwood. Fortuna Court caters for occidental suburban tastes - eat in and takeaway - with a mainstream menu. Choose from it and you will not be disappointed.

While its blackboard specials may cater more to Chinese diners with an appetite for the costly authenticity of shark fin and abalone, the linen napkins, generous glasses, a carefully chosen wine list and swift service add to its general finesse. The food reliably does the rest. It's very kind to vegetarians with interesting adventures such as green vegetables in milk as well as lots of tofu dishes and excellent dry-fries beans, Salt and pepper dishes are a signature, the soft-shelled mud crab recommended among them, or the crocodile if one seeks novelty. Soups are well balanced and moreish, sizzling scallops with mushrooms are another good treat - and the famous duck, crispy skinned, lightly spiced and not too fatty lives up to its reputation. So does the marvellous macadamia ice-cream.