The Chef Dong Chinese Restaurant is focused more on the traditional Cantonese and Fujianese food Chef Dong and his family enjoyed back home in China , the ingredients and flavoring used is more natural and fresh, no excess salt and MSG added, no thirsty feel afterwards.



We kindly ask that outside food and drinks not be consumed on the premises of our restaurant, in compliance with food and health safety regulations.

However, we understand the importance of celebrating special occasions with your own personal touch. With prior approval from the restaurant, guests are welcome to bring their own celebration cakes. Additionally, we permit the enjoyment of outside wine, limited to BYO wine only.


To cover the service associated with BYO items, we implement a surcharge as follows:

BYO Wine: $15 per bottle
BYO Cake: $1.50 per person


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional dining experience.



    Please submit your reservation details and we will contact you to confirm your booking.