Cantonese Cuisine Master

Chef Dong began his culinary career in Fujian, China at the age of 16. He started as apprentice at different restaurants and later became an executive chef to one of the most acclaimed Restaurant in town catering more than 1000 customers. Since Fujian is a coastal province, Chef Dong has developed extensive culinary skills in making seafood. At the age of 35, he immigrated to Australia with his whole family and started operating his first restaurant, Fortuna Court Chinese Restaurant at Norwood.


“It was very tough when I came to Australia because of the language barrier and culture shock, many of the ingredients I enjoy cooking back home can’t be find here.”


However, Australia has some of the best seafood in the world such as Lobster, Abalone, Oyster, Trout and many other seafood that Chef Dong soon started finding his own culinary methods.


In 2014, the story of Chef Dong Chinese Restaurant has began. The renovation stage was filled up with exhilaration and exhaustion to see the first restaurant under his own name. However, the first couple year was extremely tough due to inadequate business. The down times didn’t make him give up, he sought to further improve his skill in Cantonese Cuisine with intense passion in his heart for cooking.

Chef Dong Chinese Restaurant now serves both traditional Fujian Cuisine as well as Cantonese cuisine. Some of the popular dishes that are loved by customer include Peking Duck, Lobster with ginger and shallots, Steam Fish, Salt and Pepper local Squids and Sizzling Steaks.

“I also appreciate my team, without my teams hard work it is impossible to accumulate so many likes from local customers.”